China Wire Brush Machine

China Wire Brush Machine 1. production introduction锛?/p distressing machines for Wood designed for archaic floor, furniture, table-board, handicraft, the plane surface rivet and special design of a new generation of products, processed by this machine ,the plane surface is skid-free , stereoscopic and beautiful . 2. product parameter: Work pieceThickness90mm LengthMore than 400mm Width1300mm Wire brushesTotal brush diameter(length)250mm(1300mm) 1st Steel brush0.5mm frequency control, right and left oscillating 2nd steel brush0.3mm frequency control, right and left oscillating 3th nylon brushGrid 240 frequency control, right and left oscillating Feed Speedfrequency control Motor1st Steel brush11kw 2nd steel brush7.5kw 3rd Steel brush7.5kw Convey feed motor3kw frequency control Lifting motor0.37kw Total power 3. product feature and application : Heavy Duty distressing machines can be produced with up to six heads in any configuration of distressing and denibbing brush stations for getting rustic texture on the different material wood like Oak,Teak,pine,Elm,plywood,etc Feature: 1.distressing machines for Wood adopted imported polishing wheel and steel wire ,the working effect more better , 2.The texture level is obvious, better stereoscopic feeling polishing effect is more better 3.,adopted thickening steel plate working table, high precision 4.steel roller and wire roller can control independently,can adjust the rotation direction 5..match with imported disc brush and swing device ,high precision electric lifting , double digital readout to show the thickness,more easy operation . 6.steel roller adopted the quick change type ,save time ,easy for repairing. 4. Product details : distressing machines for Wood Steel wire brush roller (diameter can be 0.1mm 0.3mm 0.5mm or other size you want) Nylon roller (Dupont roller,can be 40grid,60grid.80grid.150grid.180grid.240grid.320grid as your work need ) CE Standard high quality level motor for distressing machines for Wood Siemens frequency inverter for each roller Simple control panel easy operate ,clear introduction for each roller and function Inner structure : 5. production process of distressing machines for Wood --1.laser cutting --2.bending --3.welding --4..polishing --5.shot blasting --6.painting --7.cnc machining --8.assembling --9.testing --10.wait inspection of QC department --11,packing and shipment 6.Packing and shipment 7.Our workshop overview: 8. sales team : --Delivery of distressing machines for Wood We can guarantee delivery on time.We also can sign on-time delivery contracts. If we can't deliver on time, we will give the product a corresponding discount.--Package:After testing the distressing machines for Wood well, our workers will do cleaning work before package. stretchy film for the whole machine or strong export plywood wooden case --Guarantee:The machine is guaranteed for 12 months .Within 12 months under normal using and maintenance, if the machine has something problem ,you will get spare part for free . More than 12 months,you will get the cost price for accessories. You will also get technical support and service all the time. --Technical support:Technical support by Phone, Email, Wechat, WhatsApp and Skype, 24 hours online.We provide English version manual and Operational video.Engineer available to service machinery overseas. --After sales services:Our machine is installed and tested well before delivery to you, when you get the machine, you just need to connect electric power then can operated, of course ,all of these steps our technician will give you professional help. No worry for any installation or operation of this computer beam saw, we are here to help you.Heavy duty frame, Unique internal structure, top-brand spare parts, professional installation workers, intime- after sale service, This machine surely can highly improve your working efficiency and precision.Please contact me now to start your working upgrading!China Wire Brush Machine website:


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