Cost to Tile a Shower

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Cost to Tile a Shower

It expenses about $25 per rectangular foot to tile a shower, which consists of the price of the tiles, set up and different materials.1 In total, the common value to tile a bathe normally falls between $450 and $1,000.1 How a great deal you may spend relies upon on the kind of tiles you pick out and the measurement of the space.

Shower Tiling Cost Breakdown

Installing new tile can seriously change the seem to be of your bathe barring the hefty fee of a whole bathe remodel. You can maintain expenses low with budget-friendly tiles that are simpler to installation or splurge on top class options. Here are the simple factors that will play into your last bill.

Choosing Tiles for Your Shower

There are a number of factors to reflect onconsideration on when selecting tiles for your shower. When wondering about the excellent tile for your project, we advise thinking about three primary elements – style, cost, and durability. Of route it’s vital to maintain your fashion preference in mind. Since you’re going to see that bathe each day, you desire it to be some thing you revel in searching at. You will additionally want to take a shut look at your budget, determine out how a great deal tile you truly need, and verify how a great deal you can come up with the money for to spend. Can you go with high-end options, or do you want to stick with some thing greater fundamental and affordable?

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Tile Shower Costs at a Glance

  • Average whole cost: $1,500
  • Labor cost: $8-$10 per rectangular foot
  • Tile removal: $1-$4 per rectangular foot
  • Tile encompass cost: $2,000, professional; $1,000, DIY
  • Natural stone tiles: $5-$10 per rectangular foot
  • Ceramic tiles: $1.25-$50 per rectangular foot
  • Porcelain tiles: $3-$10 per rectangular foot
  • Cement: $2-$10 per rectangular foot
  • Marble tiles: $10-$70+ per rectangular foot
  • Travertine tiles: $5-$30 per rectangular foot
  • Glass: $20-$30 per rectangular foot

Bathroom Tiles 1 Square Feet Tiles Price

The per rectangular ft fee for toilet tiles in India will rely on the cloth used. You might also have to spend a minimal of Rs 25 up to Rs 250 to buy tiles of measurement one rectangular feet. It is vital to think about the rest room tiles price per rectangular ft to estimate the whole price you may additionally incur for renovating your bathroom.

How to Calculate Shower Tile Costs?

The primary prices of tiling a bathe are substances and labor. For the tiles, you can estimate the value per rectangular foot primarily based on the kind of tile you choose. As for labor, it relies upon on the contractor.

Let's say you want to cowl 50 rectangular ft and you've got selected slate tiles that value $5 per rectangular foot. That's $250 in materials. If your contractor prices you $10 per rectangular foot, then you may want to add $500 for labor costs. That's a whole of $750 you want to finances for your project. To ruin it down:

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Additional Costs to Consider

Old Tile Removal

Removing historic tiles earlier than retiling your bathe will fee an extra $1.50 to $4.50 per rectangular foot. Whether you’re making an attempt to retailer on your bathe or the price of tiling an complete bathroom, you can shop by way of putting off ancient tile yourself. However, it’s feasible to injury your bathe or floor in this process, so you shouldn’t take it on until you understand what you’re doing.

Tub-to-Shower Conversion

The price to convert a bath into a bathe stages from $1,200 to $1,800. The undertaking fee varies primarily based on size, materials, style, and customized additions, such as shelving and ornate tile designs.

How to Save on Shower Tiling Costs?

Tiling a bathe charges a appropriate quantity of money, however there are approaches to make it greater budget-friendly. You can keep through sticking to simple tiles and designs instead than splurging on top class options. If you’re inclined to do some of the historical tile elimination and haul away the debris, you would possibly be capable to store on these costs. It’s additionally a true concept to get a couple of prices from special contractors to locate the fine deal.

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When Tought to you Exchange Shower tiles?

Generally speaking, bathe tiles can closing a very lengthy time. However, there are a few motives you can also desire to think about getting new ones.

  • Some tiles are damaged. While it is viable to make repairs to your present tiles, if there is a lot of damage, you might also prefer to think about changing all of them.
  • You prefer a present day look. Tiles can ultimate decades, however the seem to be can be dated. Changing your bathe tiles can provide your lavatory a current look.
  • You're wondering about doing a toilet renovation. Many human beings who renovate their toilets decide to redo the complete thing, and selecting new bathe tiles is section of the process.

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