Desert Ballad

Li Cheng answered in a low voice, "Yes." He hung his head and walked slowly back. I raised my voice and said, "Go back and have a few fights with the big brothers who have just left the battlefield. The bloody spirit in their bones has not yet dissipated.

Li Cheng answered in a low voice, "Yes." He hung his head and walked slowly back. I raised my voice and said, "Go back and have a few fights with the big brothers who have just left the battlefield. The bloody spirit in their bones has not yet dissipated. As long as you have the ability to force out the ferocity in their hearts, you will surely gain a lot after the fight." Li Cheng turned around, shouted "good" happily, and ran away. Huo Qubing walked side by side with me. "Are you going to bring a wolf cub out?"? Be careful not to break your leg by my wolf. I grinned, "I have reminded him!"! It seems to include the possibility of breaking arms and legs and changing from a small pig's head to a big pig's head. Huo Qubing shook his head laughingly. "I just wondered why you were so kind and willing to teach him, but now I think he's a little unlucky and met you." I glared at Huo Qubing. "Do you know that his parents were killed by the sword of the Huns?" "I don't know. There are so many soldiers in the camp. I don't have time to study their origins. I only care about whether they are brave on the battlefield.". This boy is recommended by Zhao Po Nu because I want to find someone to teach you how to ride a horse. "I promised Li Cheng that if he could go through a hundred strokes under me, I would ask you to let him go to the battlefield." "According to your teaching method, you should be able to go to the battlefield. Let's talk about it later and see how you learn these days." As soon as Huo Qubing had finished speaking, he jumped out of my side with his legs in stirrups. I also wanted to show off the results of these days of hard training in front of him, and hurried to chase him. Unexpectedly, he did not compete with me at all, but sometimes turned left, sometimes turned right, or suddenly turned around and ran in the opposite direction. I tried my best, but I couldn't catch up with him. Instead, I made several sudden sharp turns. The reins were too heavy,pumpkin seed extract, which angered the horse and almost threw me off again. I played with Li Cheng for half a day and my complexion did not change. I ran down a few laps, but my forehead was covered with sweat. Huo Qubing was calm and looked at me with a smile. When I failed to show off, I jumped off the horse with some frustration and sat down on the ground. Huo Qubing sat beside me. "I rode very well. I was surprised to learn this in a few days." I am taking doubt, side head looks to him, he laughs: "Not be to coax you to be happy, what say is true completely." I couldn't help smiling on my lips. Jade, tomorrow I will lead part of the army back to Changan. The smile on my lips went away,naringenin price, and I bent my head on my knees and stared at the ground. You don't have to worry, I won't force you to go back to Changan with me, but you are not allowed to sneak back to the desert. Anyway, don't you have to teach Li Cheng Kung Fu? Have a good practice of horsemanship, and I will come back as soon as possible. I didn't say a word, and he sat quietly. The horse beside him suddenly gave a long neigh, which broke the silence around him. Huo Qubing said with a smile, "You should have experienced a little bit of the pleasure of galloping freely on a horse. I forced you to learn to ride a horse not only because I hope you can ride with me between heaven and earth one day, but also because I think you will definitely like this feeling like the wind. I don't want you to miss such a pleasant enjoyment in life." As he spoke, he pulled me up. "Come on, I'll teach you a few tricks today about the secret of the general's horse control." In the middle of the night, when I was sleeping soundly, turmeric extract powder ,glucosamine sulfate and chondroitin sulfate, I suddenly felt a body slip into the quilt. I was furious and immediately hit him in the lower abdomen with my elbow. Huo Qubing hugged me tightly and pressed my struggling body. He begged in a low voice: "Jade, I don't mean anything else. I'll leave early in the morning and lie beside me for a while now. Don't kick me. I'll lie on the edge of the bed and promise not to touch you." I thought for a moment, and then it quieted down. He withdrew his hand and moved away. I lay down on the couch and made room for him. He said "thank you" in a low voice. He pushed a piece of bamboo into my hand. I touched it and asked, "What is it?"? Why does it look like a sign? "Just sign it, or did you ask for it yourself?" My mind was in a trance, thinking of the sign I had thrown away, and also thinking of him standing motionless under the pagoda tree. He actually went to the mess to find the sign. Chest is full of sour feeling, pain is also strangely mixed with a trace of heartwarming warmth, pain seems to have become a little lighter, for a time completely unable to distinguish what feeling is in the heart, why these feelings come from. The words on the signature are: Silver Han is far away, chasing love and looking forward to double stars. The desert yellow sand, buries the heart to hurt only the shadow. I thought about it for a moment, but I didn't understand what the sign meant. Does it mean that I look forward to double stars, but then I get hurt? Suddenly, he felt that the former sentence was more suitable for Huo Qubing, but no matter how he interpreted it, the latter sentence was always ominous and unwilling to think more about it. "These ambiguous words are always on the signature." "I had a dream just now. I dreamed that when I came back from Chang'an, I couldn't find you. I rode alone and kept running, but I couldn't find you.". Her, you promise me, no matter what happens, you will not run away, you will wait for me to come back. In the dim light of night, his eyes were less proud and confident, more confused and uncertain, staring at me quietly, without coercion or pleading, clear and clear, flowing only strands of feelings, which made my heart ache. The brain has not thought clearly, the words have blurted out: "I will not leave without saying goodbye in the future, even if I want to go, I will say goodbye to you face to face." There was a smile on his lips. "I will make you reluctant to say goodbye to me." The man can open a dyehouse by giving him some color. I snorted coldly and turned my back to him. "Yes!"! When you go back to Chang'an, don't tell anyone where I am. Huo Qubing was silent for a while and asked, "Anyone?" Li Yan, Hong Gu and others flashed through my mind. "Yes." "Good." I turned to him and said, "It's almost dawn. Go to sleep for a while." He smiled, nodded his head and closed his eyes. I also closed my eyes, but my mind was hard to calm down. If Li Yan knew that I was actually with Huo Qubing, maybe she would immediately start to eradicate Luoyufang. Thought a few letters a throw,lycopene for skin, can jump out of Changan city of right and wrong, but life as Huo Qubing said is a tangled vine, not I thought a turn can leave and forget everything.


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