Da Song Tan Hua Lang

Had it not been for Zhanzhao stopping me, had it not been for my safety that would have involved these innocent soldiers around me, I would have gone after them like Xu Qingzhi, regardless of everything. I am walking on the road like a trapped animal.

Had it not been for Zhanzhao stopping me, had it not been for my safety that would have involved these innocent soldiers around me, I would have gone after them like Xu Qingzhi, regardless of everything. I am walking on the road like a trapped animal. I must complete my task and send the silver to Xixia safely. This is my responsibility. Is a duty to this country and its people. Zhanzhao walked beside me. He looked at me with pity in his eyes. He knew my mind. Just last night, he asked me, or he told me that Li Yuxuan was a woman. I did not speak, some things, tacitly understood, he is a wise man. Zhanzhao and I led the team to walk in front, while Suiyin was behind us. Five hundred imperial guards brought by Zhanzhao dressed up as caravans and followed us not far or near. Along the way, the three of us are all pretexts, and Zhanzhao is the protagonist. Suiyin has always been under his protection. What we took along the way was nothing but scrap metal. If Li Yuxuan knew that she was playing the role of a target all the way, I don't know how she would feel? Will she laugh, or will she punch us in the chest and scold us as bastards? She will scold me, but she will never scold Xu Qingzhi and Zhanzhao, I know. Xu Qingzhi is a gentleman and Zhan Zhao is a hero. I am a certain type of villain in her mind. If someone dared to call me a fox in front of me, I would think it was a derogatory term, but when it came out of her smiling mouth,phycocyanin spirulina, I was happy from the bottom of my heart. She would only be so unscrupulous if she was no longer on guard against me. I read it as her unique nickname for me. Just like she sometimes calls Xu Qingzhi a fool. Like Xu Qingzhi, he beamed. Men are all the same when they are bitchy. I admit that I am bitchy. Old Xu's colleagues are also sliding into the abyss of bitchiness step by step unconsciously. But I know. He doesn't know. To be fair, Li Yuxuan's men's dress is very successful, if not for these many days of day and night, if not for my long-term mingling in the female crowd, the woman has been familiar with can not be more familiar, I would not be so easy to see her daughter. I would wake up laughing in my sleep when I think of her marrying a wife at home. This move is too poisonous. It's a pity that her opponent is me. The name she chose for me is actually very appropriate. I am a fox. I have been favored by the emperor in the suspicion of the prince,fenugreek saponins, and you can imagine my tact and sophistication. I stand high in the court, and I am respected and taboo by people. People who understand me know that I am open and aboveboard, and that I am a person worthy of trust, such as Zhanzhao, Ouyang Xiu, and the emperor. People who don't understand me only see my sensual pleasures and think that I am unrestrained and depraved. I don't care what people think of me, because I was born in the royal family and I have no choice. But I am very concerned about what she thinks of me, and her words tell all the truth about me. She said I was a real villain, and at that moment, I wondered if she saw my inner helplessness and struggle through my appearance. If so, her bright phoenix eyes will not be purer than mine. What on earth has she experienced to have the ability to see through the surface and see through people's hearts? But one thing I can be sure of is that she is looking at me with her heart. Or is it because I questioned her at the beginning that she was so interested in me? At the Qionglin banquet that day, one of her subtle movements just fell into my eyes, when I was flirting with a palace maid. Eyes inadvertently swept, pumpkin seed extract ,ghana seed extract, see her head is slanted, with his left hand to support the forehead rubbing the eyebrows, as if unable to drink, and then look at her, slightly upward to open the word eyebrow, slightly oblique Danfeng eyes, straight nose, tight lips, eyebrows and eyes with a kind of exotic style does not belong to the Central Plains, bright red robes in her single thin body, at first glance is a handsome weak scholar. But in my eyes, her casual action tells me that if this person is not a sissy, she is a real empress. Because of such eyebrows, I see pity, only women will have. Or, just like the actor in my house, he is a fake man. And her appearance, a man from outside Bianliang, how can there be such a face? Listening to people praising her appearance like a banished fairy, I threw away the maid's hand and went to her. I went up to talk to her, heard her voice is very deep, not like a woman's charming, I drink with her, she is also very forthright, but I always feel that there is something wrong, she has a kind of mystery that I can not stop. To be honest, in this world where men are respected, if she were a woman, it would be a little strange for her to come to the position that countless men covet today. Her difficulty in distinguishing between male and female also makes me want to find out more. Behind me is not myself, but the whole country and the whole world. I admit that I have selfishness in this matter. The expression of her eyebrows attracted me from the beginning. I have a lot of women, but none of them can make my heart beat like this. Soon, I found out her life story. She moved here from Changzhou five years ago with only a bookboy. Soon, news came from Changzhou that the portrait she brought looked like the daughter of Li De, the prefect of Changzhou, who was massacred five years ago. Li De has a son and a daughter, son Li Yuxuan, daughter Li Youying, had suspected that died in that tragedy. I know about this tragedy. It caused a sensation in Bianliang at that time. None of Li Zhifu's family, including 56 servants, survived. In the end, the whole government office was burned to ashes. The emperor wanted Kaifeng government to investigate the case thoroughly, but the case was dragged down in the end,turmeric extract powder, and the result of the investigation made the court dare not investigate any more, so it had to end up with nothing. I decided to go to her to confirm my evidence. Before that, she married a wife in a big way. But she did not know that there were still me and Zhanzhao in the world. Zhanzhao was also one of the people who knew the truth of the tragedy at that time. He was the person in charge of the case at that time. I think he is familiar with the names of Li Yuxuan and Li Youying. 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