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"Xiaozhi?" Takeo Ogo shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about.". But isn't that young man you're talking about.. "

"Xiaozhi?" Takeo Ogo shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about.". But isn't that young man you're talking about.. "You have ten minutes to think about it." The three elders interrupted him in a deep voice. "When the time comes, if you haven't seen anyone yet, you don't want to leave here alive!" After dropping this sentence, he winked at the four elders. The latter nodded his head clearly, and then looked at Takeo Ogo and said, "You'd better think clearly. This is my territory of Koga. If you are not careful, your lives will be lost." The words fell, and the two men slowly retreated one after the other, moving step by step toward the valley. As for his ability to block these big men in black at the mouth of the valley? Are you kidding me! Just by these big fellow body reveals the solemn breath, let a person feel very difficult to mess with. The safest thing is to go back to the valley first, and then no matter what, the Great Elder should come forward. Looking at the two old figures retreating slowly, Takeshi frowned slightly. Remembering what the host had told him on the phone just now, he heaved a sigh of relief and then slanted his head and said to Akiyamahara and Fujita Naoki, "Go and arrest them both. The news of our arrival here must not be leaked out." "Yes, master!" After Akiyamahara and Fujita Naoki bowed in unison, their bodies flashed and they chased after the three elders and the four elders who had already retreated to the mouth of the valley. Looking at the two men who were quickly chased out of the group of big men in black, the three elders and the four elders who stood at the mouth of the valley suddenly looked at each other. Less, a few ferocious, gradually floating on the face of two people. Speaking of, as the old people of Koga Palm Knife,tannic acid astringent, in the face of a group of people who broke into the forbidden area of the valley and did not know their identity, they really lost some face if they did nothing to retreat into the valley. So, even for the sake of your own face, you should harvest two lives. After the three elders and the three elders grinned grimly at each other, their momentum swelled immediately, and then they waved their hands to the two big men in black, who were equally tall and short. The next second,saw palmetto extract, both sides collided with each other at a very fast speed. "Bang," the three elders of a palm, and Akiyama's fist together. With a bang, the palm of the four elders collided with the claws of Naoki Fujita. In a flash of lightning, the four of them staggered back as if they were drunk. What a hard fist! With a flash of red on his face and a faint red light in his eyes, the three elders looked at Akiyamahara, who had been slapped by himself, and exclaimed. You should know that most of the abilities of the three elders are on the bare palms of a pair of cracked gold and gravel. And the palm just now has condensed his pure inner spirit for nearly 60 years. Even if is a reclining cow boulder, under a palm, also has to fall into a split end. But the tall man in front of him, who was as strong as an ox, had only taken a few steps back. On the other side, the four elders, who had a green face, stared at Naoki Fujita and asked, ghana seed extract ,stesweet stevia, "What the hell are you practicing?"? Why is it colder than my cold green? What the hell are you practicing? When Naoki Fujita heard this, a few strange smiles appeared at the corners of his mouth. He turned his head and winked at Akiyamahara. "Seriously speaking, what we practice seems to be a ghost!"! The zombies take the Yin Qi of heaven and earth as the source of cultivation. Ghosts are nothing but one of the manifestations of ghost Qi, and ghost Qi is one of the Yin Qi of heaven and earth. In that case, what zombies practice is really a ghost. What a lot of nonsense! After Akiyama said in a muffled voice, the black light in his eyes suddenly flashed, and then his thighs, which were as strong as stone pillars, stepped on the wet and soft earth with a thump. Suddenly, his shadow flashed and he came to the three elders with a strong wind. Take another punch from me! Akiyamahara, who was awe-inspiring, gave a deep drink, twisted his waist, and his right fist, like a shell fired from the barrel of a gun, hit the front with a bang. On the other side, Naoki Fujita shrugged his shoulders, then shook his body and came to the four elders as silent as a ghost. After the evil smile, he waved his paw, and then his eyes flashed and shouted: "Eat my paw!" " Time is almost not divided before and after, two loud sounds in succession on the mouth of the valley above the boundary. In the air shock, the wind is cold and the strength is overflowing. Akiyamahara, who had taken several steps back, with a slightly excited expression on his face, spurted a breath of air from his nostrils. His muscles jumped, his fists raised, and he blasted at the three elders. On the other side, Naoki Fujita's face darkened and retreated at least three meters. In the heart position of his chest, a palm print with a trace of cold air was unusually clear. After looking down at the palm print on his chest, Fujita Naoki looked up again at the four elders with a blue face. After opening his mouth and spitting out a small stream of light grey smoke, the black light in his eyes flashed again, turning into a light smoke and jumping three meters away in an instant. In the body of the corpse gas surge, Fujita Naoki claws waving, to the four elders all over the body on the split all over the past. In the tearing sound of the air, the four elders, who were surrounded by cold air, gasped in the face of the claw shadows like flying butterflies, and gathered their minds to wave their left and right palms and try their best to deal with them one by one. Listen to a series of "Pa Pa Pa" in the rapid clapping sound, two people face to face is the air faintly trembling unceasingly. Suddenly, a dull loud noise suddenly sounded in the ears of two people. The next second, a shock wave roared through. The four elders' faces changed slightly, and Naoki Fujita's eyes froze slightly. After a while, the two men suddenly hit each other heavily, and then, under the force of a reaction, they retreated from each other,jujube seed powder, temporarily ending the battle. After a slight gasp, the four elders slanted their eyes on the three elders, and Naoki Fujita turned to look at Akiyamahara. prius-biotech.com


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